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Minimal and delicate jewelry, perfect for any occasion.

Welcome to Bijouxbybelle! I am Belle. We are a Hand made jewelry boutique, specializing in minimalist jewelry, which is effortlessly simple, elegant, and easy to wear.

I am a creative spirit, so I've always been busy creating things. I've always loved sketching and painting and have a soft spot for photography. I am fascinated by fashion and accessory design and included it in my sketches and drawings.


After selling my jewelry for a few years, I started to think about selling online, speaking with my best girlfriend who is very tech-savvy, she convinced me to give it a try, and our online adventure began! With his help, we managed to work full-time on our hand-crafted jewelry business.

We are proud to say that since then, the team has grown and we have managed to send our delicate designs all over the world.

We are very grateful to all our customers for allowing us to do what we do today.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and we really hope you love our designs as much as we do!

Belle ☺
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